Why A Precisebuilt Torque Wrench Should Be In Every Serious Garage

There’s no doubt that everyone has an opinion about what “the most essential” tool is for any workshop/garage. At Precisebuilt, we maintain the notion that a solid, precise, and reliable torque wrench is a no-brainer for the coveted spot.

Not only can a torque wrench work in a pinch on a number of projects and situations, but it can also handle a lot of punishment – which is not uncommon in a workshop setting. Torque wrenches provide stability and peace of mind in tight situations where finesse is essential.

Why Precision Matters

Overtightened bolts or stripped threads are headaches on the best of days and can cause damage and danger further down the line. Precision is key, and where a torque wrench makes its presence known. These durable tools work with nuts and bolts of all calibers and ensure that a precise twist is attained.

Every garage around the world needs a torque wrench for the simple fact that convenience and durability under the hood make life easier. Ask any enthusiast or mechanic and they’ll tell you that without a doubt, their torque wrench is their workhorse, their old reliable, their non-negotiable.

Why Precisebuilt?

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard new customers mention the difficulty they’ve had in finding a torque wrench that is elegantly designed, easy to set torque, and comfortable to handle.

This is where Precisebuilt comes in, we’ve been making quality torque wrenches for almost 40 years, and throughout that time we’ve focused on optimizing our collection, improving our service, and as always – putting our customers first.

Our torque wrenches are comfortable and ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and swift work. Have no fear of accidental changes to your torque settings thanks to our patented locking collar.

Have a look at our prestige collection & would you like to own these?

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